Dr. Yutang Lin

Table of Contents
Tasting Boundless Tea Penetrating through to Revive
Where to Apply Efforts Viewing in Great Perfection
Rigid Concepts and Views Wisdom, Five in One
Applauding Charitable Activities Repaying through Chanting "Amitabha"
Weighing in Giving and Taking Instructions Stop Criticizing to Recognize Merits
Gathering Nectars without Rest Ear Relaxed through Three Layers
All Dharmas Concurrently Present Extending Life through Great Vows
Naturally Transcendent Preserving Sincerity to Attain Purity
Dharma Cell of Formality Gains and Losses, Seeming and Substantial
Hasting Means Distraction Praying Rightly
Transcending Life and Death Practicing beyond Thoughts
Watching Theatricals as a Training Dharma Flavor of Liberation
Direct Experiences Systematic Antidote
Starting with Willingness to Yield Fundamental Awakening
Unlike Human Affairs Steps Taken Form the Path
Supplication to Amitabha Buddha A Path toward Liberation
Relying on Chanting "Amitabha" Under the Buddhist Name
Dropping Thoughts to Remain Free Cultivating Sincerity toward Realization
Real Tests Awakening
From the Dharmadhatu Point of View Stagnant with Static Views
All-round beyond Blockage Sailing beyond Virus Attack
Slipknot The Rapid Falls of Time
One Thought Free from Selfishness The Six-syllable Great Awakening
Piecemeal Upside-down
Pure Goodness out of Original Purity Comprehending Blank Essence
No Competition on the Path of Awakening Walking on Solid Ground
Lights Auspicious Flashing Ripples
Wishful Thinking Pro and Con
Priority Blind Spot
Greedy for Gains Transparent
More Help More Interference Paying No Attention
Fluttering the Gesar Flag Refraining from Misapplication
Straightening Thoughts Profound Connection with Dragons
Oneness of Wisdom and Compassion Counterfeit
Beyond Control Brave Ma Granting Pledge
Naturally Comprehending with Mind Clear Abhorring only Picking
Suffering as a Noble Path Holy Names Revealed
Self-interest Cultivating the Dharmakaya
Corruption Mind beyond Room
Relaxing Immersing
Gateless Pass Beyond the Circle
Planting More Bodhi Seeds Dedicating Merits to All
Plowing by Pen Practicing beyond Appearance
Green Tara Mantra Sheet Simple and Easy
Passing down Dharma Seals Gradual Spreading
Small Container On Abortion Being an Obstacle to Rebirth in Pureland
Rumination Application of Bodhi
Adjusting Wishes Asking for Deliverance
Crazy for Wealth Gathering of Conditions
Self-enjoying Returning to Speechlessness
Inequality Leisure Gained
Four Characteristics of Great Perfection Refraining from Haste
Short Cut to Attaining Sunyata Depths of Sunyata Attainment
Plagiary of Teachings Rock-moving Patriarch
Drawing Tiger Obvious but not Seen
Passersby Acting against Reason
Turned back Difficult to See through
Viewed Equally At Ease in Solitude
Insipid Word-face Transformations
Repentance and Reward Thirty-five Buddhas Repentance Ritual
Thought of Buddha Right Path
Dharma Connections Should Be Pursuing
Not Emphasizing One's Views Rhythmic
Inspirational Experience with the Healing Buddha Image Originally
The Path of Forgiving Free from Feeling Bothered
To Receive the Blessing Self-carved
Clusters of Suffering Relieving Suffering and Delivering Joy
Minding only to Do Good Equal
The Key to Right Path Worldly Games
Boundless Harmony No Discarding

Praise to Ma Machig

Central Channel Spinning
This Impermanent Instant Six Senses All Inactive
Guru Chen's Approval Giving Self up
Walking on the Path Impermanence as the Teacher
Measuring Buddha Demanding
Ropes and Hooks Rigid Views
View of Ecology Natural Development
No Disturbing All not Right
Protecting Innocence Past Relationship
The Present Right Faith
Vajra Hell Practicing Alone
Let Others Be Circle of Living
Spring Wind Respect
Naturally Perfect Blaming
Cycle of Revenge Renewable
Communion of Winds Don't Keep Worrying
Out of Bounds Profound Grace
Widening Perspective Effectiveness
Treasuring Good Fortune All-pervading Visualization

Going along with Impermanence

Fundamental Essentials of the Dharma
Unification of Four Boundless Minds Worshiping Mani Mantra Sheet
Mistakenly Learned Taking It Light
Reminiscence Almsgiving of Food
Demanding Perfection Drifting Duckweed
Empty Talks Subtle Knots
Trail of Intentions Minor Points
Clear or Muddy Helping Hands
Claiming Merits Exact Match
Empty Mind Equal-minded
Giving and Receiving Facing Dharmadhatu
Good Guru Wishing
The Idea of Self Social Activities
Overdone Without Breaks
Not Believing Not Working
Undertaking Dharmadhatu Mind
Dharmadhatu Standpoints
Inspiration Reducing Possession
Quality and Quantity No Complaints
Worldly Matters Reality Lacking Intentions
Lacking Awakened Ones Applying Efforts
Insatiable Untiring
Thanks to Leisure Calculated Grasping
Unraveling Layers of Binding Behaving Accordingly
Busy without Breaks Limitless Time and Space
Common Karma Garbageman
Realistic Explanation Returning to Origin
Mutually Dependent Origination of Dharmadhatu Non-death Yoga
Voluntary Line of Life and Death
Shared Fate Leaving Dust
Not to Be Confused Beyond Gains and Losses
Assuming Open Book
Hardly Preventable Taking Lessons
Praying for All Worldly Way
Leisure Complete Devotion
A Way out Bloom
Ignorance Recognized Originally Harmonious
All Equal in Oneness Measure of Body
Learned Afterwards The Only Important Matter
Universal Gates Chapter of Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin in Wondrous Dharma Lotus Sutra
Signs of Blessing Effective Prayer
Thoughts on Silkworms

My Bodhicitta Vows
(Used for Dedication of Merits)

Dr. Yutang Lin

1. May virtuous gurus remain with us and those departed return soon!
2. May perverse views and violence soon become extinct and Dharma spread without hindrance!
3. May all beings proceed diligently on the path and achieve Buddhahood before death!
4. May all beings develop Great Compassion and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!
5. May all beings develop Great Wisdom and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!


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