Treasuring Good Fortune

Yutang Lin

Calamity, disaster, illness and disability not on the body,
Worldly entanglements and matters not within the mind,
Clarity, concentration and ease are still inside the palms,
Treasuring such fortune one calls to Guan Yin for others.


When one is spared natural calamity, man-made hardship, illness and disability, one’s mind is not preoccupied with worldly entanglements and matters, and, furthermore, clarity of mind and ability to concentrate are still within reach, then how should one treasure and enjoy such rare and fortunate moments? Only by repeating the holy name of the compassionate Guan Yin on behalf of all suffering beings, with earnest yearning for their speedy liberation from all sufferings and attainment of perfect enlightenment, would such good fortune be worthwhile.

Written in Chinese on May 29, 2001
Translated on May 31, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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