Yutang Lin

Self-interest as the commander, all others become enemies.
One failure followed by another attempt, when will peace be?
The straight path to long-lasting harmony allows no treachery.
Sincere great compassion will guarantee eternal tranquility.


Grasping to self-interest leads to no lasting peace. The very intention to benefit oneself would rather cause much damage to one's well-being. Seeing through this point, one should diligently practice "benefiting others beyond self-considerations." Once grasping to self is weakened or diminished, reality will become apparent. Then one would gradually comprehend the fact that all beings have feelings, all suffer in transmigration of life-and-death, and all need to be liberated. Then one would pursuit the path of awakening that bestows meaning and warmth to this human existence. May all beings in suffering soon attain this awakening and dedicate their efforts toward the cultivation of ardent and thorough compassion.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 21, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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