Beyond Gains and Losses

Yutang Lin

Resources and rights could hardly be distributed justly;
Tricky gains and rude robbing constitute endless fights.
Man-made distributions eventually run into limitations.
Reduce desires and be content to gain harmony instead.


In worldly considerations resources and rights are most important. Nevertheless, a genuinely just distribution for all could hardly be achieved. Out of selfish considerations to use all sorts of means to accomplish tricky gains or violent robbery would yield nothing but endless fighting and confrontations. People should awake soon to the fact that man-made distributions are bound to be limited in some aspects and could hardly be rid of faults. Therefore, we need to apply the broad-minded approach of willingly reducing desires and be content to exchange for common peace and tranquility.

Written in Chinese on October 7, 2001
Translated on October 10, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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