Thoughts on Silkworms

Yutang Lin

Memories and inclinations kept turning back,
Weaving a cocoon of self-indulgent thoughts.
Diligently spread Dharma to benefit all beings;
Karmic debts bitten away in silkworm fashion.


Silkworms spit silk to weave around themselves into self-imposed cages of cocoon; similarly people sustain thoughts constantly to weave into identities that trap their minds. Thoughts are illusive; nevertheless, one hardly recognizes this point. Random thoughts flow like cascades; how could they be stopped? By sustaining continuation of pure thoughts the mind becomes incapable of tracking distractions.

Silkworms bite tiny bits continuously and the leaves are gradually consumed away. Likewise, as one practices Dharma diligently with full devotion one's karmic debts are continuously waning down.

Written in Chinese on October 31, 2001
Translated on November 2, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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