The Present

Yutang Lin

Originally the present is limitless in every way.
Very difficult indeed to comprehend such fact.
To live at the present is oft casually proposed;
Controlled by sounds and shapes into floating.


Some say, "'to live at the present' is just right." In fact, most people are confined by layers of prejudices, karmic hindrances and habitual tendencies. If such people were told to "live at the present," they would simply chase after sounds and shapes, and do nothing but drifting around. Practitioners should not be like that. They should diligently practice Dharma so as to reduce karmic hindrances, accumulate merits, act in accordance with compassion and cultivate wisdom of selflessness. The intended meaning of "to live at the present" refers to the present that is originally limitless in every way. It is without the limitation of senses and mental activities, and without the distinctions of time and space. How could ordinary people even dream of such a state?

Written in Chinese and translated on May 4, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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