All-pervading Visualization

Yutang Lin

Using thoughts to imagine according to the ritual,
The dualistic mentality could hardly wither away.
When suitable conditions gather naturally present,
Originally all-pervading, visualization is limitless.


Tantric visualizations, for novices, are usually just practiced as imagination in accordance with the rituals. After some familiarity with the ritual has been cultivated one should realize that tantric visualizations are not imaginations. With a conscious effort to imagine, there will be the person imagining and the object imagined, consequently a dualistic mentality remains that will prevent visualization to arise naturally out of the non-dual state of Sunyata, egolessness. For example, visualizing the color blue, one should understand that blue color as seen in daily life arises naturally when certain conditions gather. While practicing visualization of blue color, one should assume that those conditions have gathered, and hence the color blue would naturally appear. While visualizing the blue color is everywhere, one should assume that those conditions have simultaneously gathered everywhere, and hence the color blue would naturally appear everywhere. Ordinarily people are confined by sensual perceptions, and have unconsciously established all sorts of limitations in their minds. If one could transcend the hindrances and barriers of sensation and mentality, then one would realize that originally it is limitless. Any visualization is in fact all-pervading in time and space.

In order to achieve realization of visualization it is, of course, not enough to have just the above understanding as a basis but requires, in addition, strong and deep stability in meditation, and a clearance of all mental hindrances and barriers achieved in advance through solid practices and services. Nevertheless, without the understanding explained above it would be impossible to realize any tantric visualization. Therefore, it is explained above with the hope that it would be helpful to some serious practitioners.

Written in Chinese on May 30, 2001
Translated on June 1, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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