Unlike Human Affairs

Yutang Lin

Praying for people in all situations for the better with just their names,
Protectors help in ways beyond our knowledge and make no mistakes.
Emails, faxes and letters came carrying pleadings for urgent prayers;
Even before the messages were read already came results of inspiration.


Through the grace of Yogi Chen's lineage blessings usually I pray for people with mention only of their names. In cases when the name is not known, just a brief description would do. Some doubted that confusions might occur due to different people using the same names. In fact, mistakes would not happen because the holy beings that are granting the blessings would know all the details, unlike us humans who are limited in knowledge. When I went on a Dharma tour the requests for prayers that came to my residence through emails, faxes or letters were sometimes answered by inspirational results even before I read them. This is because the holy protectors would volunteer to take care of them. All these unimaginable functions constitute the main force that spreads the Dharma activities to more and more prosperity.

Written in Chinese on September 9, 2000
Translated on September 10, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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