Yutang Lin

Yielding all along becomes attaching to naught;
Going along with conditions to be open and free.
Choosing the right path to shed light on delusion,
Not same as fighting over turf for personal gains.


Some said that one should yield all along to be free from attachments. In fact, the teaching of No Attachment is designed for transcendence from bias grasping but not for advocacy of no standpoints. Were it correct to hold no standpoints, how could Buddha give teachings to help sentient beings? We realize that our habitual tendency to grasp and get entangled is weighty; therefore, we adopt the practice of No Attachment to move toward liberation. At this stage we try to go along with situations and given conditions so as to open up our view and mind. Once we have become familiar with the path of liberation and related practices, we should expound, based on the teachings and our experiences, the correct views, practices and stages of the path in order to help others migrate from delusion to enlightenment. At this later stage there must be actions adopted and activities avoided, and measures and standpoints that are upheld. How could it be that one simply yields all along at the expense of hindering the great career of guiding deluded beings to enlightenment?

Written in Chinese on August 21, 2001
Translated on August 22, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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