Cultivating the Dharmakaya

Yutang Lin

Originally pure Dharmakaya has never departed,
Even though long and deep is self-entanglement.
Bits and pieces of merits all dedicated to all beings,
Clarity and liveliness rekindled in ultimate purity.


Worldly entanglements are cells and cages of grasping to self. They block passage between Dharmakaya and one's mind, even though one's mind is not apart from the Dharmakaya. If one understands Buddhist teachings and dedicates one's efforts to Dharma practices and services; in addition, one also dedicates the merits of all such endeavors toward the enlightenment of all sentient beings; then, after long years of such endeavor, one's original clarity and liveliness would gradually be rekindled. One could even sense the enlargement of one's mind merging into the Dharmakaya. Such an approach perhaps might be called the path to cultivate the Dharmakaya.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 21, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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