Planting More Bodhi Seeds

Yutang Lin

Rare to encounter the Dharma, even harder to embrace.
Whole orchard blooming, how many visited by bees?
Not since books on Dharma are easy to reach,
One no longer writes to pave way for novices.


Once I received a letter from a Buddhist, whom I did not have the pleasure to be acquainted with, requesting me to send my works on dying to help her write on the subject. Happily I obliged accordingly. Later she wrote again saying that the project had been discontinued, and citing as a main reason that there were already many works on this topic.

My view is different. I do not stop writing on a subject that I have something to say even though others have already treated it. The reason is that, even though there are many books on the Dharma, there is no guarantee that they would all reach needy and appreciative minds. There remains only a few who have the opportunity to get to know the Dharma and develop faith in the teachings. Those of us who are dedicated to the spreading of the Buddhist teachings should each does his or her best by continuously engaging in writing on Dharma topics and printing them for free distribution. Only in this fashion could the maximal number of novices be reached and helped.

Written in Chinese on December 27, 2000
Translated on December 28, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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