Inspirational Experience with the Healing Buddha Image

A letter from Mrs. Nel Noordzij

P.M. Noordzij, Ph.D,
F. 74200 Thonon-les-Bains.

Dear Dr.Yutang Lin,

Some time ago I received your copy of the Holy Image of Healing Buddha and because my right pulse has been broken and operated and I had to learn typing with my left hand it took a bit longer to write you and tell what happened in full length.

After I left the hospital I suffered an almost unbearable pain and was not able to make even a tiny move. The next day a dear friend of mine brought me the envelop with the copy from the postbox and opened it for me. We both admired it and then she proposed to buy a modest frame for it as a present, and she left.

While I was alone in bed I laid the copy spontaneously on the plaster on my pulse. I did not think about it furthermore, I had no thoughts, I did ask nothing,- perhaps deep, deep down there had been some expectation in a flash, but the pain was too severe to cling at an expectation whatsoever. And besides of that I did not yet really know much about the Healing Buddha. So inwardly I was silent, almost empty and mentally not active at all.

After about ten to fifteen minutes I got the feeling as if something was floating out of my arm, and indeed it was the pain! At first I could not believe it and even did not dare to control it by making some movements. But it had really happened, the pain was gone and never came back! Only the pain of the stitches remained a bit after some time.

I can only hope that occurences like this in some way or another may happen to many, many people as a result of your kindness to send copies all over the world of the Healing Buddha!

Thank you again, Dr. Lin, I am very grateful,

Mrs. Nel Noordzij

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