All Equal in Oneness

Yutang Lin

Realizing oneness puts an end to grumbles;
Consequences thought of first as to oneself.
Viewing beings as equals avoids prejudices;
Each eats karmic fruits of his own activities.


In realization of oneness of all there is no place for grumbles. Consequences of actions and inaction are all to be shared by all to various degrees. With such awareness one could only do good and dare not do any harm. Regarding all beings as equals would free one from prejudicial preferences. Receiving consequences of one's actions makes no exception for anyone. Let others do what they want; why bother to stand up in opposition?

Transcend worldly distinctions through comprehension of oneness of all; avoid meaningless antagonism in light of the wisdom to see all beings as equals.

Written in Chinese on October 17, 2001
Translated on October 18, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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