This Impermanent Instant

Yutang Lin

It is plain to see that this instant is impermanent;
To maintain such awakening is indeed difficult.
Thoroughly let all things go to be free of worries;
Life is better lived with mind clean and refreshed.


Practicing impermanence and yet still keeping thoughts of tomorrow, that would not be precise enough. This instant is impermanent. Any moment could be the time to depart, and one is ready to leave. Only then has one gone through reflection on life and death, and has made a choice on what to live for and what to die for. Buddhists could set as the perpetual goal of life and death the realization of enlightenment for all sentient beings. When one is awakened to the impermanence of this instant, then all worries just have to be let go, and mind becomes clean and refreshed. That would be ideal for carrying out Dharma activities and living a peaceful life.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 6, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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