Guru Chen's Approval

Yutang Lin

A Golden Ring, leading people into Buddhist meditation,
Supplicated to Guru Chen for blessing on its practitioners.
His satisfaction and approval were clearly expressed to me.
This Dharma path may be followed to gain proper progress.


This morning right before I woke up I saw in a dream newly printed enriched edition of my book,"A Golden Ring," an introduction to Buddhist Meditation. Inside its cover, on the first page there is Guru Chen’s signature in English, indicating his approval. Then Guru Chen appeared, nodding emphatically and repeated twice, saying in Chinese, "I am very happy and satisfied." In this book a supplication to Guru Chen was originally placed at the beginning to request his blessing on practitioners who follow the teachings prescribed therein. Now that the sign of his satisfaction and approval was granted so vividly I record it here to show gratitude and to inspire practitioners. This book has no enriched edition yet. The dream may be an omen that someday it will be expounded in more details and be enriched with additional explanations.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 7, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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