Asking for Deliverance

Yutang Lin

In compassion for tragic death the cat's corpse removed;
Immediately waists felt painful and cat's soul followed.
Praying to Buddha for blessing and deliverance,
Suddenly the suffering is gone, and resting in peace assured.


Upasaka Huang of Taiwan regularly emailed me to ask for Powa service or prayers on behalf of many people, known or unknown to him. A few days ago, out of compassion, he removed the corpse of a cat ran over by cars from the road and buried it. Immediately he felt the soul of the cat followed him around and his waists suffered severe pain. For days he could not sit or lie down with ease, even though he used to be strong and healthy. Last night he asked me to pray for his recovery and to do Powa for the cat. I did so accordingly. I also asked him to go see a doctor because the pain might be symptoms of kidney stones. This morning I received his email saying that the pain had all of a sudden disappeared completely. On the one hand, I am grateful to Buddha for such speedy and miraculous blessing; on the other hand, after reflection, I realized that the pain was caused by the cat's soul because it desired the deliverance that Powa would render. Therefore, once it is enlisted for Powa service, it stops nagging the person who could ask for such service on its behalf.

Written in Chinese on January 14, 2001
Translated on January 15, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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