Yutang Lin

Clear and muddy differ to such distant extent;
How could earthlings figure out God’s intent?
Deluded assumption without feeling ashamed,
Claiming God’s will to suit one’s self-interest.


Heaven and earth are very far apart; God’s intent is unfathomable. Yet there are interpretations of worldly events offered in the name of God. What is in accordance with personal liking would be classified as God’s doing; what is against personal interest would be blamed as others’ fault. When people are so deluded how could the world remain peaceful?

In general, if people could all realize that what each person knows is far too limited, and what we don’t know is limitless and beyond control, and therefore stay within the sphere of being honest to oneself, without trespassing into all sorts of conjectures and judgments, then, not only could the possibility of creating troubles be reduced but also could peace on earth be promoted.

Written in Chinese on October 9, 2001
Translated on October 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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