On Abortion Being an Obstacle to Rebirth in Pureland

Written in Chinese by Yutang Lin
Translated by Stanley Lam

Over the past nine years, I have been performing Powa for deceased beings as a voluntary service. So far I have already done it over a thousand times. Currently I am performing Powa every other day because the Wind energy of this practice is too powerful for the body to withstand daily practice. Whenever there is any deceased beings, people can just send in the names and I will include them in the prayers.

After many years' experience, based on inspirations from performing Powa for deceased women, I have a clear understanding that, in order for a woman to be reborn in Pureland, it is necessary to include all her aborted children in the Powa. Otherwise, such Karma is heavy enough to become an obstacle to getting a rebirth in Pureland. There is a recent inspirational experience: A lady asked me to perform Powa for her deceased mother. After the Powa, her dream indicated that she had also received some benefits, but there is residual bad Karma yet to be cleansed. Upon further enquiry, I was told that she had had abortion before, and only she and her husband knew about it. Since she had not requested Powa for the aborted child, there was some residual bad Karma left. I therefore included the aborted child in the next Powa.

May this short article remind all Buddhists of this matter. For any case of abortion, or suggestion of abortion, or rejoicing on others' abortion, or thoughts of abortion, or even abortion in dreams, it is advisable to pray for the deceased and to practice confession oneself. May all karmic hindrance relating to this activity be completely purified by Buddha's compassionate blessing, and all can achieve a higher level of rebirth in Amitabha's Pureland.

Written in Chinese on April 1, 1997
El Cerrito, California

Translated on January 4, 2001
Hong Kong

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