Practicing beyond Thoughts

Yutang Lin

Theories and stages of the path need to be understood first,
Practice according to set routes, and engage in Dharma services,
Nets of conceptuality gradually disentangled to reveal purity,
Beyond views and knowledge living to merge into infinity.


When the theory and stages of path of Buddhist teachings are not yet well understood, one needs to study them in depth to gain thorough and unified comprehension. As to practicing Buddhist teachings in daily life, it is impossible to carry along a theory; one merely tries to escape from the confinement of situations in order to merge into limitless oneness of the Dharmadhatu. Between theoretical understanding and real-life activities is the bridge of Buddhist practices. Under the guidance of one’s comprehension of the teachings, train one’s body and mind through adopting various kinds of Dharma practices, and engage in services that are related to the Dharma in some way so as to build up Dharma connections with sentient beings. In this way one would gradually escape from the sphere of thoughts and conceptuality.

Written in Chinese on September 4, 2000
Translated on September 5, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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