Profound Connection with Dragons

Yutang Lin

Continuing the offering of vases to the Dragon King,
Gaining merits and pacifying hindrance to help beings.
Tokens of thanks came along the lengthy service course,
Dragons of various kinds gather around the altar sublime.


Through the grace of Guru Chen the offering of vases to the Dragon King has been continued for so many years. Many beings are helped by the merits thus accumulated and the hindrance removed. Over the course of this service often came tokens of thanks in the form of Dragons. Dragons made of various materials and are painted, sculptured, knitted, embroidered, etc. gather around the altar. In their presence one would imagine that it is the Dragon Palace. Auspicious connection with the Dragons has unexpectedly become so profound.

Written in Chinese on December 8, 2000
Translated on December 10, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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