Supplication to Amitabha Buddha

Yutang Lin

"A" signifies original purity; all things are void of self-nature.
Harmonizing in oneness, light and life are both boundless.
Compassionately inducing all beings to return to Pureland,
Sentient beings currently present are exactly Amitabhas.

Written upon the third request from Tan Suan Kuang of Melaka.


While reciting the first line, visualize that all things return to the clear blue space of original purity. The second line, visualize that the clear blue space concurrently encompasses spaces in all directions and all times in the past, present and future without boundary. The third line, try to realize and appreciate that Buddhas compassion extends to all sentient beings in any time and space, and that Buddha uses limitless ways and means to induce all beings toward realizing original purity. Last line, visualize that all sentient beings have attained Amitabha Buddha, and therefore one maintains universal respect to all beings in daily life.

After this supplication was written in the early morning hours I went back to sleep. Immediately I saw myself giving Suan Kuang a ticket to the Pureland. I hope that some people would practice this supplication well so that they may reach Pureland for sure.

Written in Chinese on October 6, 2000 in Hong Kong
Translated on October 10, 2000 in El Cerrito, California

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