Not to Be Confused

Yutang Lin

Flaming speeches instigate increase of animosity;
Using pretexts of religion to stir up confrontation.
Not to be trapped by immediate worldly comforts;
Help one another as all in oneness to enjoy peace.


Religion should guide people to leave worldly attachments so as to strive toward sublimation of inner purity. Thereby harmony and stability in the world would be enhanced. If people instigate confrontation under the pretext of religion, then it becomes a deviation from the correct path. May all people in the world realize that we are all equal as sentient beings and as such we are basically without differences. In the light of this awareness, may we help one another instead of building confrontation, and share together the enjoyment of peace and tranquility.

Written in Chinese on October 7, 2001
Translated on October 10, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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