Yutang Lin

Interest deep or shallow follows taste and habit.
In a colorful world, why adhere to a monotone?
Mastering one thought leads to a mind unified;
Open-minded and life is fulfilled with fresh air.


The practice of repeating one holy name or a mantra would seem rather monotonous or even tasteless. Why would anyone want to do such a dull thing? As a matter of fact, having interest in something or not, and to what extent, is just the result of taste and habit. If one could adhere to the repetition of one phrase, and through long-term cultivation achieve continuous repetition without distractions, then original purity may emerge again. Consequently, in all activities one remains unified. Such tranquility, feeling of light, ease and sublime joy is indescribable. May all who are adopting such chanting practices abide with perseverance by the insipid repetitions, and consequently gain the experience of breaking out of the cocoon of self-centeredness.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 13, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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