Yutang Lin

In deep trouble eager to get assurance of effectiveness;
How to compare various practices for intended results?
Could inspirational blessing arrive as soon as required?
One should realize that causal law could not be tricked.
Constantly sustaining vows and activities of Bodhicitta,
Without fallen into selfishness one is well looked after.
Temporary enthusiasm amounts to skillful exploitation;
Even people could hardly be fooled, not to say Buddha.


When people encounter desperate situations they often seek effective and speedy measures of relief. Buddhist practices aim at long-term ultimate liberation from transmigration and are not instruments for temporary conveniences. If it were held to be the case that Dharma practices could be compared in effectiveness or that inspirational blessing could be speeded up as required, then that would surely be shallow and ignorant views. In fact, causal connections could not be tricked or by-passed. Inspirational blessing achieved through practices depends solely on long-term and constant adherence to Bodhi intentions and activities. Only when one has not fallen into selfishness could constant blessing from Buddha be expected. Temporary enthusiasm as propelled by exploitative intentions could at most fool people for a while; how could that inspire the favor of Buddhist holy beings!

Written in Chinese on May 29, 2001
Translated on May 31, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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