Obvious but not Seen

Yutang Lin

Exposition of Dharma teachings seems superfluous;
Things are originally so, who does not know these?
The siege of delusion and grasping is denser than fog;
It still awaits the arrival of wind and the rising of sun.


The teachings of Buddhism at times would seem too obvious because they are just statements of matters of fact. Who would not know? Why need to discuss them? For example, teachings on impermanence, the faults of grasping, etc., are all so obvious. Nevertheless, in reality, when people are under the spell of delusions they simply cannot see the facts and realize the truths. Therefore, there is the need for others to fan up the wind of original purity and welcome the presence of wisdom sun so as to blow away the fog of delusion and brighten up the worldly existence.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 28, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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