Signs of Blessing

Yutang Lin

Dear mother entered coffin in typhoon night;
Three daughters heard Amitabha on freeway.
Brother and sister later had same experiences.
Sure sign of getting rebirth in Buddha's land.


Today a letter came from Upasika (female lay Buddhist) Su, informing me the following:

After her mother, Upasika Guo, had entered the coffin, the family members headed home during the stormy Na Li typhoon night. On the freeway in pouring rain three sisters, including her, simultaneously heard chanting of "Amitabha" miraculously arising to their ears; it lasted for 20 to 30 seconds. The driver of the car did not hear it. Two days later while her brother was picking up the death certificate in the hospital he also heard chanting of "Amitabha" arising from nowhere. Another sister was still in the United States at that time and she also had the same experience.

Upasika Guo was a devout Buddhist and practiced the chanting of Amitabha earnestly and diligently for many years. She asked me several times to perform fire pujas, offering of Dragon vases or releasing of lives, and helped print my Dharma works for free distribution. Right after she passed away her family again asked me to conduct releasing of lives, offering of a Dragon vase and helped print my Dharma books on her behalf. Through her devout practices and accumulation of merits she had inspired the blessing of Amitabha Buddha to help her gain rebirth in Amitabha's Pureland. Furthermore, the blessing had extended to her children so that all of them experienced the miraculous arising of chanting of "Amitabha" as a reliable sign of her rebirth in Pureland. In this way, not only could her children rest assured of her fortunate whereabouts but also develop definite faith in Buddha's teachings. Inspirations such as these that extended to all siblings in Taiwan and US are certainly very special and rare. Therefore, I recorded it here with the hope that all those who would come across it would be inspired to develop interest or faith in Buddha's teachings.

Written in Chinese on October 24, 2001
Translated on November 1, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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