Gradual Spreading

Yutang Lin

Socializing widely and frequently increases contamination.
Hindrance and deviation readily spring up in abundance.
Treasure leisure for Dharma practice instead of goofing off.
Purify the mind as a basis to expand naturally and gradually.


In the name of the Dharma, to socialize widely and meet often would easily hatch entanglements and inadvertently increase hindrance to practice. A practitioner should not engage in superficial contacts and thereby waste leisure that could instead be used for serious practice. One should, first of all, be conscious of the impermanence of situations and thereby become prompt in adopting regular practices for the purification of mind. With diligence and perseverance in Dharma practices in time more and more Dharma connections will develop naturally.

Written in Chinese on January 3, 2001
Translated on January 4, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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