Widening Perspective

Yutang Lin

Open the scope of sight to gain width and depth
Lest one runs after erratic and wild expectations.
Knowing the scale makes things easier to accept.
With more options proper actions could be taken.


To reduce unnecessary suffering one should endeavor to widen one's perspectives. Knowledge of varieties could save one from narrow-minded prejudices. All kinds of extraordinary things and events would seem to be still among worldly phenomena. Deep and persistent yearnings often turn out to be illusive dreams. Sudden tragedies and dangerous catastrophes would seem still among the ordinary. Evaluation and measuring would be conducted in light of the depth of oceans and width of sky. Matters could be viewed and handled in many ways to reduce friction and increase harmony so that proper actions are achieved in accordance with situations.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 24, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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