Suffering as a Noble Path

Yutang Lin

Inexperienced with suffering helps lingering in delusion.
Dashing contrary to the right path causes later reflection.
Having past, present and future in view, act only goodness.
Mind not being confined at one time, no need to argue.


Among the Four Noble Paths, suffering comes first. Simply because only through understanding of suffering would one engage in the pursuit of liberation. In this light, suffering is the cause of enlightenment. Reflection and awakening could not be forced upon. Even though it could not be achieved at once, in the long run it could be expected. Causal evolution extends over past, present and future lives. Each being has his own timetable of growth and maturity. Whoever understands the above would simply walk on the path of pure goodness in order to help all sentient beings.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 16, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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