Exact Match

Yutang Lin

Hard to comprehend transcendence of duality;
Easy to transcend through Bodhicitta motives.
Slightest hesitation means distance and barrier.
Only perfect familiarity may yield exact match.


The idea of non-self goes beyond dualistic mentality, and hence it is very difficult to fully comprehend. Consequently, exact match of one understanding with the Buddhist theories is very difficult to achieve. In daily life it is even more difficult to think and act freely from dualistic attitudes. Fortunately, upon such occasions one could rely on the blessings of Bodhicitta motives to go beyond personal antagonisms.

In action the slightest hesitation becomes a barrier and keeps a distance to merging into oneness of the Dharmadhatu. Therefore, attaining exact match of realization in practice and action is even rarer. This kind of attainment could only appear naturally as one becomes perfectly familiar and pure in practice.

Written in Chinese on July 22, 2001
Translated on August 3, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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