Yutang Lin

Clear fountain constantly flows to expound liberation,
Free for all to dip and drink from its profound essence.
Blaming and demanding would only raise dusts vainly.
Glide around mires to avoid fighting born of grasping.


Buddhist teachings expound the path to liberation so that people who are sincere in obtaining ultimate emancipation from suffering could proceed correctly. As to adopting actual practices it is a matter of personal voluntary choices; and depths of attainment depend on degrees of individual voluntary efforts. Therefore, the proper way to propagate the Dharma is to maintain constant spreading of the teachings, like a clear fountain that never stops flowing. If, however, one were to blame or criticize others based on Buddhist standards or ideals, or to demand fellow Buddhists to observe or follow the teachings, then, not only would it be rare to see effective results but also could there be new controversies arising. Furthermore, they could step by step pull one into the mire of endless debates.

Written in Chinese on September 27, 2001
Translated on September 28, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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