Ear Relaxed through Three Layers

Yutang Lin

The bondage of tongue was released years ago.
Lying sidewise in sleep meditation the right ear relaxed.
From outer to inner clearly three layers experienced.
Visualizing in simulation could not achieve the same depth.


The other day while I was lying sidewise on my left side, during a sleep meditation state my right ear experienced complete relaxation. It was the outer ear that went through three layers of relaxation from outer ones to inner ones. The sequence was continuous with clear sensation of three layers. I experienced the complete relaxation of my tongue a few years ago. Now I experienced it for my right outer ear. Simulating this experience I tried to visualize the relaxation of my left outer ear without attaining the sensation of the same depth. This indicates that each part of the body has its due course of liberation from entanglement to go through in time. Visualizations based on experiences of attainment could promote favorable conditions, and yet could not produce immediate success.

Written in Chinese on August 11, 2000
Translated on August 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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