Thought of Buddha

Yutang Lin

Things could change all in a blink, don't take it lightly.
The thought sustained had better be chosen wisely first.
Escaping entanglement to do good is not easy to fulfill.
Only maintaining Buddha's name could merits gather.


Life as a continuous sequence of changing thoughts would pass in a blink. How should the current thought be properly employed? Entanglements are fruitless, and hence should be avoided. One thinks about doing good actively and yet often feels powerless in the face of so many worldly obstacles. Only a Buddha's name could transcend the imperfect nature of worldly matters, purify karmic hindrances from their roots, and cultivate conditions for development of merits and wisdom. Inherent in one thought of a Buddha's name is the praying for all sentient beings to be free from all karmic hindrances and to attain perfect wisdom and compassion. If thought after thought remains constantly so, the remaining life is just Buddhahood.

Written in Chinese on February 22, 2001
Translated on February 23, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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