Viewed Equally

Yutang Lin

Turning of occasions and opportunities pave the course of events.
Traversing up and down the tracks yields nothing but stirring dust.
Whatever is accomplished would soon become different after a blink.
What does it matter if matters past are viewed equally as not yet here.
The veil of grasping things as having absolute reality once removed,
Clear, equal, complete and bright mind resumes just as newly born.
Abiding in no attachment renders multiple wondrous applications.
Sentient beings and environments are originally same as rainbows.


Coincidences of occasions and opportunities constitute courses of events. Past experiences unforgettable only add to worries and sorrows more. Changes never ceased; what is the difference from illusions? Put away remembrance; things are the same as never happened. Grasping to the concept of reality is a hindrance of view hardly recognizable. Once seen through, complete clarity resumes. When seen from bias-free eyes the world is no different from rainbows.

Written in Chinese on February 5, 2001
Translated on February 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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