Yutang Lin

When all go well one still expects more;
Good times eventually past, joy in vain.
Mindful of finance, no time for practice.
Death arrives ahead of chance to reflect.


Wanting to wait till a sound financial foundation has been established to provide for a comfortable old age and then engage whole-heartedly in Dharma practices, such is the wishful plan of many Buddhists. In fact, when the financial situation is going well no one could stop and leave it because people would expect more gains. Then when the financial situation turns sour people would feel more insecure and could not leave it behind. Alas! Life is impermanent and full of ups and downs. Consequently, many people keep procrastinating and speculating and inadvertently devoted their whole lifetime on financial matters. How many would have the chance to realize at the time of death that their lives have been wasted in this way? Buddha set the example of renouncing everything worldly in order to attain enlightenment and liberation from suffering. After having attained enlightenment he lived on begging for food in order to concentrate on spreading the teachings to help others. When did he spend any time on finance?

Written in Chinese on September 2, 2001
Translated on September 3, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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