Non-death Yoga

Yutang Lin

Non-death rainbow body witnessed through blessings;
Golden teaching of yoga transmitted by grace of gurus.
Dharmadhatu returns to origin beyond times and spaces;
Traceable or not at the moment is called exist or extinct.


Yogi Chen revealed the golden teaching of Shangpa Kagyu on Non-death Yoga in his Chinese work, "Discriminations on Karma-mudra Teachings," and added his supplementary teachings there. A decade ago during pilgrimage at Bodhgaya I saw the rainbow body of a female Buddha appeared in my heart chakra; therefore, I know for sure that rainbow body as fruit of Tantric practices is not just theory. Recently based on my experiences I comprehended the following: "Dharmadhatu is originally without the framework of space and time; all divisions and realms of space and time that are relatively established exist concurrently side by side in Dharmadhatu as a whole." When viewed in the light of this comprehension it becomes clear that Non-death Yoga and Yogi Chen’s supplementary teachings are working from within the framework of space and time to guide people step outside the frame. According to the comprehension above, when one views from the original state of Dharmadhatu there is no need to engage in analyses; instead it can be directly pointed out that, "since originally there is neither space nor time, hence there is neither birth nor death." What is usually called as exist or extinct in the light of dependent origination, when viewed from the dependent origination of the whole Dharmadhatu becomes just a matter of traceable or not, without real emergence or exit. When this view is fully comprehended there is no longer any fear hovering, and one will not be subject to the whims and confines of worldly situations. For all sentient beings this comprehension would be the root to their ultimate liberation.

Written in Chinese on September 26, 2001
Translated on September 27, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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