Dharmadhatu Mind

Yutang Lin

The openness and depth of Dharmadhatu are seldom contemplated.
Even though the term is often mentioned, don't feel bored to see it.
Use the opportunity to merge into ever widening of scope limitless.
Only after transcendence can one recognize earlier cage of delusion.


"Dharmadhatu" is often mentioned in my writings; may readers not become bored by such frequent repetitions. In daily life our minds are usually confined within the circle of our daily business. Consequently, there is seldom opportunity for our minds to open up. If, upon seeing the term "Dharmadhatu," one uses the occasion to ponder on its limitless width, depth and dimensions that encompass all space and all time, then one might awake to the realization that what one has been bothered with was no more than a delusion. In this way, one might be able to come out of delusive preoccupations.

Written in Chinese on August 4, 2001
Translated on August 11, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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