Praise to Ma Machig

Tantric Disciple Yutang Lin

Cutting through attachment to body to offer compassionate sacrifice,
In wondrous application of wisdom and compassion all things unite.
Intangible non-self, though hard to grasp, is given a practical shortcut.
Originating a Tantric path to feed India back, none other than Machig!


Tibetan lady patriarch Machig Labdron originated the tantric practice of Chod, and thereby enabled the practice and attainment of intangible non-self through cutting down the attachment to body. (See my work, "Chod in Limitless-Oneness.") This is the only tantric Buddhist practice that was originated in Tibet, widely spread to neighboring regions, and even fed back to India. From her profound wisdom was revealed the teaching that, while cutting through the root of self-grasping, the attachment to body, it can be simultaneously utilized as a compassionate and universal offering so as to achieve paying off of karmic debts, accumulation of merits and cultivation of compassion. Such wondrous application of unified wisdom and compassion is fully integrated in this practice. Consequently, the practitioners can rely solely on cultivation of Chod practice to gradually realize the Dharmakaya. Magnificent indeed, the skillful wisdom of Ma Machig!

Written in Chinese on April 4, 2001
Translated on April 5, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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