Viewing in Great Perfection

Yutang Lin

Perfect only when encompassing all without exception.
In opposite directions yet both would arrive sooner or later.
Evolving as a whole without dominant controller,
Present and absent both abide in oneness together.


Dharmadhatu is so broad that it encompasses everything without exception; hence it is called Great Perfection. Ordinarily, Buddhist teachings distinguish right paths from devious ones. From the all-encompassing view of Dharmadhatu, even devious paths leading to suffering are causes that would eventually compel one to seek the path of liberation. Therefore, there is only the difference in how soon one would attain enlightenment but no absolutely non-liberating paths. Dharmadhatu as a whole is ever evolving; all things are interdependent and connected causally. Hence there is no dominant factor above all else. In Dharmadhatu time and space are continuous; even though there is the distinction of being present or absent, in fact all are in oneness without any barrier.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 28, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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