Yutang Lin

Dharmadhatu as a whole is totally transparent;
Not even a hair or a thread could have hidden.
Don't think that thoughts are in private domain;
They are clearly seen by clairvoyant beings.


Limited by sense organs it seems that our thoughts are known only to ourselves. In fact, in the Dharmadhatu there are countless beings with clairvoyant abilities. If one would like to attain the realization of limitless-oneness in the Dharmadhatu, one should understand this point and keep no hidden selfish motives. When the mind is open and broad enough to merge into the Dharmadhatu, then all sorts of information would become known as needed, just as if everything in the Dharmadhatu is an open book.

Written in Chinese on November 24, 2000
Translated on November 28, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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