Yutang Lin

Attaching to personal feelings blocks objectivity;
Vainly entangling adds disorder and commotion.
Paying no regard to strangers out of cautiousness;
Innocence wrongly locked just increases tension.
Interaction among closed ones follow usual ways;
Handled with clarity matters are treated properly.
Encountering people by chance yet with sincerity;
Brief or long-lasting relations will all be peaceful.


Emotional handling of matters tends to be lacking in objectivity. Consequently, the more such involvement the more complications. All such entanglements would turn out to be toil in vain. Strong prejudices would render one aloof; consequently, innocent and lively display of one's natural feelings would hardly have a chance to surface. Matters within close circles had better be handled rationally, while interactions in daily life had better be conducted in good faith. Thus a balance of emotion and propriety would be achieved.

Viewing close ones as passers-by would help understand them objectively. Viewing passers-by as close ones makes it possible to interact naturally. Without discriminating close or distant in relationship but treating people with equal mind could help achieve a peaceful life in the long run.

Written in Chinese on July 23, 2001
Translated on August 4, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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