Rigid Concepts and Views

Yutang Lin

As time and tide flow thoughts and activities vary.
The spectrum of phenomena is full of colors and shades.
As the concept of a person melted away sorrows reduced.
Not insisting on a rigid view one remains accommodating.


Constant criticism and incessant disturbance of mind is often due to grasping of a fixed image of others. In reality each person's thoughts, inclinations and behavior are unnoticeably evolving with the flow of time and tide. Consequently there is no definite and fixed personality to be found. Realizing this subtle point could help melt away the image of others long grasped in one's mind just as ice would melt in the sun. Ordinarily, people have their fixed views, and would easily fall into the dichotomy of completely right or completely wrong. Therefore, conflicts and antagonism are in abundance. Phenomena are rich in colors and shades; all kinds of varieties are constantly in becoming apparent or obscure in accordance with the gathering and dispersing of conditions. Not grasping to only certain view as the correct one but be open to different thoughts and standards, only then could people get along in peace.

Written in Chinese on July 30, 2000
Translated on July 31, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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