Should Be Pursuing

Yutang Lin

Suffering from chronic illness, wish well soon.
Being lack of wisdom and merits, wish to grow.
Circling in the whirlpool of life, plan to escape.
Wrongly grasping to "no pursue" is house arrest.


As antidote to insatiable greed, "no pursue" becomes a pedagogical saying. It meant to teach people to be appreciative of what they have and be satisfied with ordinary life, but not to become inactive or to give up efforts toward improvement. In suffering of sickness one seeks treatment; for wisdom and compassion one seeks cultivation; in transmigration one seeks emancipation. All such pursues should be undertaken with great diligence. Do not grasp to the saying of "no pursue" in such a mistaken way that one limits oneself to a small corner.

Similarly, there are some that would grasp to the saying of "no expanding connections" and confine themselves to a small circle. Looking from outside, they should be learning diligently to open their minds and enlarge their views lest it be too late, and yet they just grasp to one saying of "no expanding connections" and lock themselves in a snail shell without realizing what they have missed. What a pity!

Written in Chinese on February 27, 2001
Translated on March 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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