Profound Grace

Yutang Lin

Profound Grace of Buddhas indeed hard to fathom;
Years of practices and inspirations gradually reveal.
Shallow faith but eager desire for just worldly gains.
Confining attention to trivia one forgets the ultimate.


Buddhist teachings encompass views and practices that are beyond the ordinary worldly ways; therefore, not many people could have thorough faith and adherence to the Buddhist way. Due to maturity of causes and conditions some would sustain a level of faith in Buddhism. However, many such believers are simply eager to obtain help in worldly matters, hoping to gain Buddhas' grace in reducing karmic hindrances and increasing personal well-being. They seem to forget or ignore the pure goal of eventually attaining enlightenment for all sentient beings. Based on my experiences of years of devoted practice and service in the Dharma, when compared with the inspirational blessings received from Buddhas and protectors worldly gains are indeed trivial. A wise Buddhist would not loose sight of the superior liberation that could be achieved through Buddhas' blessings to concentrate on the immediate worldly favors.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 22, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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