Yutang Lin

Earth revolving and orbiting, wind and waves moving,
Microbial lives and nuclear particles rest not a while.
Fixed views stiffen the figure and cause degeneration.
Awake and renew life through rhythmic movement.


From the revolving and orbiting of stars, the blowing of winds and back and forth of waves, to the incessant moving of microorganisms and nuclear particles, all things in the universe are constantly in motion. To its contrary would be stiffening and approaching stereotype. In our time the division of labor tends to create stereotypes, and the complexity of thoughts easily induces stiff postures and behaviors; consequently there are all sorts of job-related illnesses. To amend the situation and turn back the tide, in daily life we should try to incorporate rhythmic movements into our postures and behaviors. Thus we might be able to reduce stiff and routine actions. Furthermore, we could simplify and clarify our minds through the chanting Amitabha practice so as to regain our natural openness, spontaneity and sensibility.

Written in Chinese on February 27, 2001
Translated on March 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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