To Receive the Blessing

Yutang Lin

When words about the miraculous blessing spread,
All rushed to download the image for speedy gain.
Self-interest hinders the communion into oneness;
Pure faith and practice would in time yield results.


Mrs. Nel Noordzij of France was blessed by the holy image of the Healing Buddha to be suddenly rid of the severe pain in her arm that was continuously there after an operation. For details please read her letter, "Inspirational Experience with the Healing Buddha Image." When her friends learned about such a miraculous event, they all rushed to download this image from Yogi Chen's Homepage, and prayed for their particular wishes. Nothing came out of such endeavors.

Indeed the holy image contains power of blessing. However, such blessing cannot be invoked by selfish aims. Mrs. Nel Noordzij was in severe pain at that time and the pain made her unable to think of anything. Consequently she was in a state closer to original purity, and hence Buddha's blessing can readily work on her to remove the pain that is a manifestation of karmic hindrance. Ordinary people, without proper training, could hardly attain and sustain a state of no thoughts. Therefore, they should first practice making offerings and prostration to the image, and engage in chanting practices in order to develop pure faith and mind free from conceptualization. Only then could they sense the blessings from Buddha and be benefited.

Written in Chinese on March 16, 2001
Translated on March 17, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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