Under the Buddhist Name

Yutang Lin

Lack of proper understanding led to slandering of profound teachings;
Feigning and robbery planted seeds of regrettable karmic consequences.
Claiming to seek liberation while engaging in grasping and maneuvers,
Under the Buddhist name there turned out to be many tricks and surprises!
Attaching to worldly pollution without reflection or embarrassment,
No wonder the wheel of transmigration has never rested for a moment!
To unwind entanglements it takes the one who tied the knots in the first place;
Diligently maintaining the right path to wait for the fogs to eventually clear.


Using the name of Buddhist teachings to engage in self-claimed and self-centered endeavors, some even to the extend of creating negative karma; such persons are difficult to help convert by persuasion. We can only help them through long term efforts in maintaining and propagating the correct teachings, and silently praying for them to awake and reflect on their own problems in their miserable situation. Sooner or later all sorts of karmic suffering will turn up. Other than practicing in the light of the correct teachings, how could there be any possibility of ultimate salvation from suffering?

Written in Chinese on October 13, 2000
Translated on October 14, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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