Busy without Breaks

Yutang Lin

Right or wrong in principle gets no time to argue over;
Let others handle things their way, one cares but little.
Suffering of beings in six realms is too keen and deep;
Busy without breaks in offering prayers and guidance.


How Dharma activities should be conducted is up to individual views and abilities; no easy way to find concordance of opinions. The world is full of suffering. To pray for sentient beings and to offer explanations on principles and practices toward emancipation keeps one busy without breaks. Consequently, there is no time for careful discussion on reasons for and against various approaches, and one simply needs to let people run their own courses. Each one's intentions and actions will yield corresponding effects and consequences in time; how could these results be altered by arguments and explanations?

Written in Chinese on September 8, 2001
Translated on September 9, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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