Helping Hands

Yutang Lin

Seeds sowed yield diverse fruits according to circumstances;
Offering one another a helping hand could make differences.
All in the Dharmadhatu are in oneness and originally mixed;
Do not let narrow views confine us into isolated prison cells.


Some said, "Causal relation cannot be violated; therefore, one should not get involved with other matters so as not to interfere with the causal law." Such view mistakenly assumes that causal relation could be isolated. In fact, there are no independent events in the Dharmadhatu; instead, there are infinite complicated causes and conditions that are continually affecting one another. Consequences of a cause evolve according to changes in surrounding conditions. Based on the understanding that the whole Dharmadhatu is in oneness, we should help one another as much as possible, but not to limit ourselves to mentality and activities of individual isolation.

Written in Chinese on July 14, 2001
Translated on July 21, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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