Yutang Lin

Ardently propagating the Dharma is applaudable.
Being vigorous in doing right is surely blameless.
Acting within measure in balance with reception,
Lest matters be overdone to stir up controversies.


Not many Buddhists are very active and ardent in propagation of the Dharma; hence, such Buddhists are more than praiseworthy. Nevertheless, due to imbalance of wisdom and compassion, now and then overzealous efforts would yield rush actions that lack proper considerations. Consequently, the situation could become puzzling and inconvenient for many involved. Being vigorous in acting out what one sees as a right move while overlooking the intention and need of the others involved could result in controversies. Then it would constitute a display of self-centeredness. What would constitute proper measure of our actions is a subject that different people hold different views about; how could anyone hastily pronounce a judgment? In bringing out this topic I am using the opportunity to reflect on my own actions; but I also hope that it could serve as a reminder to other practitioners for their own reflection.

Written in Chinese on July 30, 2001
Translated on August 9, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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